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    Engineered To Work Under Pressure

    Stratos Pier® distributes the Stratum Anchor Plate

    Stratum Plate Anchor
    Stratum Plate Anchor

    The Stratum Anchor Plate System, built by Impact Manufacturing is a versatile and permanent solution to bowed and leaning foundation walls, retaining walls, and sea walls. The Stratum Plate Anchor SPA2828 can be used on its own to stabilize and even straighten foundation walls. Our SPA1215 can be used in combination with a concrete "Dead Man" system to increase the overall strength and longevity of the concrete as well as saving hours of installation time.

    Plate Anchor : An anchor plate or wall washer is a large plate or washer connected to a tie rod or bolt. Anchor plates are used on exterior walls of masonry buildings, for structural reinforcement. Being visible, many anchor plates are made in a style that is decorative.

    The best solution for bowed, leaning, and egress walls
    Stratum Plate Anchor

  • Engineer approved method for repair
  • The best repair when for egress structures
  • Installation can be completed in one day
  • Installation when interior access is limited
  • Low profile when put behind finished walls
  • Limited disturbance to landscaping and yard
  • Can straighten the wall overtime without excavation
  • Can straighten the wall immediately with excavation
  • Can be used on concrete, block, and stone walls
  • Can be adjusted when needed with little equipment
  • All exterior parts are galvanized for below grade use
  • Comes with 20 year limited manufactures warranty
  • Manufactured in the USA

  • Some solutions for bowed, leaning, and egress walls

    Stratum Plate Anchor

    Full Replacement

    Stratum Plate Anchor

    Steel I-Beams

    Stratum Plate Anchor

    Carbon Fiber Beams

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