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    Smart Foundation : previously known as Candid Construction

    With experience ranging from complete remodels down to the studs of 18-unit apartment complexes, investment flips, rent-ready flips, completely rebuilding foundation walls, to stopping leaky basements, Blake and Jason have the skill and experience that every property owner needs from a reliable contractor.

    Can^did: truthful and straightforward

    Smart Foundation carries full liability and workers comp insurance.

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  • Services Offered

    Stratos Pier® Foundation Pier
    Piling or piering is the technique of driving steel pipe pilings below a structures foundation to correct foundation settlement. Piers can be used to stabilize the structure to prevent further sinking or used to raise the structure back to a suitable level.

    Installation: Initial evaluation taken. Expose foundation footing. Drive Stratos Pier® System. Lift / Stabilize foundation. Back-fill / Replace concrete.

    Stratos Pier® Foundation Pier
    When a foundation wall cracks do to movement, it must be repaired. Carbon fiber straps or epoxy are an appropriate repair to regain structural integrity. Polyurethane can be used to prevent water from penetrating the wall. Cracks wider than 1/8 inch are cause for concern.

    Installation: The crack is first evaluated and cleaned out. Then either an epoxy or polyurethane is injected in the crack, Or carbon fiber is installed over the crack.

    Stratos Pier® Foundation Pier
    Many times a leaning or bowing wall can simply be braced in its current state. Using this method eliminates the need to excavate on the outside, and lowers the cost of the repair significantly. When bracing the wall, the I-beams are used in the same manner as when straightening the wall. The braced wall will not be straighter than it was, but it cannot ever get any worse.

    Installation: Steel I-Beams are installed upright along with Joist brackets which will in return stabilize and or improve the integrity of the wall.

    Stratos Pier® Foundation Pier
    A wall leaning or bowing more than 2 inches, should be pushed back into place. Restoring the integrity of the foundation. This can be accomplished by using wall anchors or steel i-beam braces.

    Installation: The wall is excavated over the span of the damaged area. The wall is then pushed or pulled back to plumb. The trench is then filled with clean gravel and soil.

    Stratos Pier® Foundation Pier
    Have a basement that just won’t dry out? or have 100 year-old foundation? Leaks can be stopped with an interior or exterior drain tile systems.

    A drain tile system is a collection of pipes installed around your foundation and discharged to a sump pump or daylight. The pipes are perforated to allow water to drain into them. They are designed to keep the water table far below the bottom of the basement floor, this controls the capillary action or wicking of water or water vapor on to the basement floor.

    Stratos Pier® Foundation Pier
    One of the first steps in ensuring you have a dry basement is diverting the water away from the basement. Surface water can be defined as water that collects on the ground usually as a result of precipitation. Surface water can often be diverted away from your home to help protect the foundation. Keeping as much water away from the foundation as possible is always a good idea.

    This is accomplished by grading and extending out the leaders and downspouts. Drainage swales, french drains, and collection basins are typically used to divert surface water.

    Service Area

    Smart Foundation Service Area

    The list below is the cities in Northern Missouri and Kansas, Smart Foundation services.

    Agency, Camden Point, Clarksdale, De Kalb, Dearborn, Easton, Edgerton, Excelsior Springs, Farley, Faucett, Fort Leavenworth, Gladstone, Gower, Hemple, Holt, Kearney, Kickapoo, Lathrop, Lawson, Liberty, Missouri City, Mosby, North Kansas City, Osburn, Parkville, Platte City, Platte Woods, Plattsburg, Ridgely, River Bend, Smithville, St. Joseph, Stewartsville, Trimble, Turney, Wallace, Weston

    Stratos Pier® System

    Stratos Pier®

    Stratos Pier®

    The Stratos Pier® System is a concentrically loaded, unicentrically driven pier that has revolutionized the piering industry. Our patent pending technology makes the Stratos Pier® System the only truly adjustable pier on the market. The Stratos Pier® adjusts to meet the footing even if the footing is not level, without losing any contact surface or integrity of the pier. The load will always be carried precisely on the rim of the pier pipe for perfect distribution from the footing all the way to bedrock or stable strata.

    The Stratos Pier® System has been engineered tested to meet or exceed ASTM standards, it has been installed under thousands of homes without incident or failure of any kind. All the Stratos Pier® parts are machined and assembled using the latest technologies and are held to the highest standards in the industry. The Stratos Pier® comes with a Lifetime Warranty by both the installer and the manufacturer, and is backed by our Stratos Trust Guarantee.

    Stratos Pier® System Guarantee

  • Manufactures Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Stratos Piers® are Engineer Certified
  • Stratos Pier® testing meets or exceeds ASTM Standards
  • Stratos Piers® can handle all Residential needs
  • Stratos Piers® can handle Light Commercial needs
  • Stratos Piers® are built with American Steel
  • Stratos Piers® are always inspected before they are shipped
  • Stratos Piers® Installers are all Thoroughly Trained
  • Stratos Pier® System is a Unicentric Pier
  • Stratos Piers® are made in the USA

  • Smart Foundation : Photo Gallery

    KC’s Foundation Repair Experts
    Photo Gallery

    Here are a few pictures from projects by Smart Foundation in Kansas City, Missouri. You will find pictures of structural repairs that we offer like foundation piering using the Stratos Pier System, crack repair, epoxy injection, wall bracing, carbon fiber, and tie backs. You will also find pictures of waterproofing and drainage repairs like sump pumps, interior footing drains, french drains, gutter drains, surface drains, channel drains, drainage channels. Thank you for looking, let us know how Smart Foundation can help you.

  • Signs of Foundation Failure

    Stratos Pier® Installation
    Stratos Pier® Installation
    Stratos Pier® Installation
  • Cracks in drywall on walls and ceilings
  • Separation in flooring and broken grout lines
  • Cracks in foundation walls and slab floors
  • Sticking or non latching doors and windows
  • Leaning or bowing foundation walls
  • Chimneys that lean or tilt away from home
  • Stair step cracks in brick siding and chimneys
  • Mantels, counters, and cabinets that slope
  • Cracks in drywall on walls and ceilings
  • Causes of Foundation Failure

  • Evaporation caused from heat and drought
  • Transpiration from tree roots and vegetation
  • Improper working or poorly designed drainage
  • Building on back fill and poorly compacted soil
  • Poor local soil conditions and organic debris
  • Un-maintained and overflowing gutters
  • Flooding and washout from creeks and rivers
  • Earthquake and other seismic activity
  • Lack of water on foundation during dry conditions

  • Smart Foundation : Customer Reviews

  • 5 Star Review
  • Did absolutely terrific work in our kitchen, mudroom, laundry room, basement, porch/entry, and interior & exterior painting. We couldn’t be more pleased with the quality of work and exceptional commitment to high standards. The workers were respectful and polite, always willing to answer questions, and quick to answer our questions. They took our suggestions with respect and often integrated our ideas into the work they were doing.

    - Michael C.
  • 5 Star Review
  • I would 100% use these guys again. They have a great crew, and there was nothing we asking for that they weren’t willing to build for us: from hidden bookshelf doorways, to 12 x 12 inch cubbies along an entire wall, to a stage with special wiring for our home theater, and even removing walls we didn’t want/need there anymore. They were both professional and well skilled.

    - James R.
  • 5 Star Review
  • Blake Brose is as honest and trustworthy as anyone I know. To complete a large construction job (18-unit apartment complex), he had to step in as the general contractor and he did a great job of getting it done. And lucky for me, he is a fast learner and willing to work under a severe timeline to make things happen. I trust Blake completely and in anything concerning real estate in Kansas City. I would seek him out for his opinion.

    - Stuart M.