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    Engineered To Work Under Pressure
    Stratos Pier®
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    The Stratos Pier® System

    The Stratos Pier® System is a concentrically loaded, unicentrically driven pier that has revolutionized the piering industry. Our patent pending technology makes the Stratos Pier® System the only truly adjustable pier on the market. The Stratos Pier® adjusts to meet the footing even if the footing is not level, without losing any contact surface or integrity of the pier. The load will always be carried precisely on the rim of the pier pipe for perfect distribution from the footing all the way to bedrock or stable strata.

    The Stratos Pier® System has been engineered tested to meet or exceed ASTM standards, it has been installed under thousands of homes without incident or failure of any kind. All the Stratos Pier® parts are machined and assembled using the latest technologies and are held to the highest standards in the industry. The Stratos Pier® comes with a Lifetime Warranty by both the installer and the manufacturer, and is backed by our Stratos Trust Guarantee.

    Stratos Pier® F.A.Q.

    Foundation Repair Issues

    A Settling home can be a very scary situation, but it does not have to be. Now days there are many solutions to stabilize or to lift your home back to nice and level. You may have heard about steel piers or some kind of device that lifted your neighbors home back safely. Stratos Pier® System is revolutionary product that does just this lifts or stabilizes. With this being said you still may have many questions.

    What exactly is a steel push pier? How much does piering my home cost? Can this be covered by insurance? Who do I hire to install this system? What caused my home to start settling? What can I do to prevent future problems ? Can my three story home be lifted? Can my fireplace be lifted? Will my landscaping be destroyed?

    We have answered questions like this and more for years.

    Stratos Pier® Systems : Engineering

    Stratos Pier® System

    Foundation Engineering Specialists, LLC was hired to perform testing of the Stratos Pier® System to comply with the requirements of ASTM D1143 based on the 2012 International Building Code. Per the requirements of the code an engineering analysis was performed on all the components of the pier. The data gathered from the test performed revealed that the torsion assembly was the controlling capacity in the design, creating an ultimate capacity of 28,390 lb. The final result of the test showed that the pier does conform to ASTM Standard D1143.

    It is the opinion of FES that the Stratos Pier® System is adequate for residential and light commercial foundation piering in comparable soils to those the test was performed in (SPT blow count >10) using the above capacity with a safety factor of 2.

    Find a Stratos Pier® Installer

    Stratos Pier® System

    Our Certified Structural Consultants are engineer trained to insure accurate evaluations and proper repairs. Our authorized installers are trained directly through Stratos Pier® Installer Certification Program to insure that every contractor follows all of our installation protocols and specifications. We work closely with all of our installers to insure they have everything they need to get each and every job done right. We are happy to speak with our contractor's customers if any questions or concerns that arise during the evaluation or installation process.

    Stratos Pier® Systems offers a limited lifetime warranty on the piering products that any authorized contractor installs. Should for any reason a contractor not be available after the installation of the Stratos Pier® System, we as the manufacturer will step in to insure the end user of our product is getting any warranties or guarantees that come with our products.

    Become a Stratos Pier® Installer

    Stratos Pier® System

    Stratos Pier® Systems L.L.C. is constantly looking for quality installers from every state and city in the U.S. Qualified contractors will get thorough training and become part of our Certified Structural Consultant program. As a member of the Stratos Pier® team you will have full assistance from our in house team anytime you need it, including help with sales, engineering, and troubleshooting. All members of the Stratos Pier® team get access to our contractor site that has contractor grade foundation repair products that we carry in our Kansas City warehouse, and that we distribute directly to our members at discounted rates.

    Stratos Pier®
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